Want to have some fun this week without any limitations? Stick to ETH for your gaming needs, and if you are wondering where to get some from then here are our best 5 exchanges to buy Ethereum for gambling! Ethereum's smart-contracts have big potential for decentralized exchanges, and you can find some of them in use already. Check out below to find our references for the best 5 exchanges where to buy Ethereum for gambling!

#1 Binance - Buy ETH For Gambling

When it comes to ease of use, Binance leads the way with a secure trading platform. You do have to go through a basic registration process, but trust us, it is nothing that you cannot handle! Binance offers general trading rates of 0.10% per market. It is the same for every crypto pair, but you get a 25% discount for using BNB token when paying your trading fees. They don't shaft you every time either but charge it once based on the 30-day trading volume. That makes Binance as one of the most convenient places where to buy ETH for gambling!

You will find support for the majority of cryptocurrencies on Binance exchange. There's a small withdrawal fee attached that is paid for your cashout transaction. All of it goes to the miners, at least that's how it is supposed to be!

#2 Changelly - Fast ETH Swaps

Instant exchanges have quickly become popular amongst crypto gamers because they don't need to worry about taking extra steps in order to receive ETH. We are talking about Changelly, that allows you to quickly swap at least hundred different coins, and with you always seeing the exchange rates when performing a transfer, you know how much you will be getting every single time!

Changelly charges you a 0.5% trading fee, on top of miners fee for sending your coins to your wallet, which varies depending on the current load.

#3 EVONAX - Ethereum Exchange

Need another instant crypto exchange with a 0.5% exchange fee? Check out EVONAX, while they only support 8 different coins, it is one of the cheapest offerings on the market for quick ETH trades. The best thing about EVONAX is that you don't even have to give them your e-mail address, as long as you insert right credentials for your wallets, then you will not have to worry about losing your coins or having extra communications with the support. EVONAX is one of the best 5 exchanges to buy Ethereum for gambling, and you always receive your ETH after your sending crypto transactions gets a confirmation.

#4 SimpleSwap - Ethereum Exchange Platform

No hidden fees, only market volatility to worry about when trading on SimpleSwap. They don't use fixed rates which means that the market price during the moment your transaction gets a confirmation will play into a part of how much you receive. They do claim that there are no trading fees charged by SimpleSwap but that seems like a stretch because of them offering slightly lower market rate. It seems like the play of words, but when your objective is to quickly swap coins for gambling, and staying anonymous, then SimpleSwap is one of the best options out there!

#5 YObit.net - No KYC ETH Trading

You can also get yourself ETH for gambling using YObit exchange that carries a very low 0.2% trading fee on your transfers. This rate may vary depending on the coin, and platform status. However, if you need a platform that will allow you to buy Ethereum without having to go through KYC verification, then YObit is the way to go! It is not the easiest platform to use compared to other options, but still a good fit for online gamers who respect their privacy.

That sums up our best 5 exchanges to buy Ethereum for gambling!

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