Blockchain technology has managed to turn our world into one borderless place and thanks to the transparent decentralized model connect even the most remote regions to the everyday hustle! Blockchain's one of the greatest achievements is bringing fair and quick gambling opportunities to anyone looking for such. There are many good bitcoin casinos out there but that could also be said about a lot fo the house hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, so which way to go? If you are often battling with the same problem then read further to find out some of the best gambling tips at ETH and BTC casinos and which one out of the two, trumps the other.

ETH Casino Positives & Negatives

Ethereum is not that late addition to the blockchain family but has seen a tremendous usage due to the smart-contracts nature. One of the key reasons why many Ether gamblers like to play at the ETH casinos are the hyper-fast confirmation times on the blocks. Why should this matter to me, you ask? Well, don't you like getting winnings out from the house quickly? Then there is your answer. Ethereum blockchain is known for confirming transactions on the average every 15 seconds. This means that whenever you request an ETH withdrawal it can reach you within a minute, no matter where you are at!

One of the negatives that come along with playing at ETH casino is usually the small gaming selection but as long as you are not too needy then that is an easy thing to overlook and besides that, many of the bigger Ether casinos have a very good selection of games to offer, no matter what type of gambler you are!

ETH casinos are usually anonymous and will never ask their players to verify identity, which is considered another positive reason towards playing at the ETH casino.

BTC Casino Negatives & Positives

Bitcoin is certainly the most expensive of the digital currencies out there and at the same time has the most recognition around the world. Big scarcity and huge potential for mass adoption are two key reasons why to play at BTC casino but the actual idea behind that merges into one! The more people want bitcoin, the more expensive it is going to get and because there is only a fixed amount of BTC ever to come into circulation then this will help along with the appreciation in value. Ethereum blockchain has much lower scarcity level as of right now due to the limitless reward model but this should transform into Proof-of-Stake in the future.

So what does it mean to gamble and withdraw your winnings in BTC? You are looking at a very hefty profit increase due to the natural appreciation of bitcoin.

If you can afford to hold on to your bitcoin then that is exactly what you should do, until you can spend it at any corner store at the very least!

BTC blockchain is known to congest at times and in result drive up transaction fees and have very slow confirmation times for the blocks, this means that your money can get stuck for a longer while and you have to pay more money in fees to move it, needless to say, these factors are considered as negative reasons about playing at the BTC casino.

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