ERC20 Smart-Contracts Ethereum Protocol

If you are a frequent visitor of crypto news sites and statistics page such as coinmarketcap then you are by now familiar with at least 100 different blockchain currencies but in reality, there is way more of them out there. Many people have asked the question, why? And the very easy answer to that is because of how EASY it is to create your own Ethereum-based token, as a matter of fact, if you are not that tech-savvy, even though, it really isn't that hard then you could pay for a service that creates it for you and no, you do not have to spend a fortune on it either!

Initial Coin Offerings Creating Millionaires Weekly

Random teenagers who normally would have a very slim chance at becoming millionaires in their lifetime are now doing it on the weekly basis thanks to the initial coin offerings and while there is nothing wrong in this then many wonder how long before this bubble bursts? Some call them the pessimists and that crypto will never die but only time will show us what will happen with the blockchain currencies.

There are currently over 1300 blockchain currencies out there and new ones are being generated daily! It has become one of the hottest trends in the 21st-century crowdfunding campaigns and sometimes started by 15-year old teenagers!

If you are a slightly more sophisticated computer and the blockchain user then you could figure out new token creation in a matter of a few hours but if not then there are other options how you could become a token-entrepreneur.

Why Would Someone Want To Create Their Own ERC20 Ethereum-based token?

People could have different reasons for wanting to create their own token. Trading it amongst friends or acting as a value unit on some sort of group activity is one, plan to develop services revolving around a crypto token and offer first of them via ICO (initial coin offering) is another, testing blockchain technology and learning something new is the third and the list goes on!

It doesn't matter what the reason may be but it has become extremely easy to make it and if you got some spare time on your hands then why not spend it by teaching yourself some blockchain programming, nothing to lose but plenty to gain!

Smart-Contracts based Token Creation Service

Developers of the Minereum coin based their protocol on creating ERC20 based tokens.

It takes 10 minutes to create and launch a new Ethereum-based token with Minereum service which is currently valued at 10 MNR, roughly around ~$4, now that's peanuts!

After Smart-Contract finishes creating your token it will distribute all of them into your designated wallet and you can proceed with your own Initial Coin Offering!

Now that you know how easy it is to create your own ERC20 Ethereum-based cryptocurrency then it is not a mystery why there is so many of them out there!

Always perform a full research before investing into any of the initial coin offerings and it is very important to never invest any of your rent or emergencies money, anything that you cannot afford to lose! Good luck in creating your own ERC20 tokens or finding a perfect ICO!

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