Anybody who jumped on Ethereum during the highest peak last year, finds themselves wondering about the same thing. Will Ethereum Recover? Sounds to be the most asked question amongst the Ethereum community. Naturally, there are those who have absolutely no doubt that it will, while others see it plummeting only further down. While we cannot tell you for a fact whether you should HODL or jump, we can give you our opinion on what to expect in the future to come!

Will Ethereum Recover

Ethereum ETH Price Slide

Just like many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum saw its peak moment during the crazy Bitcoin rally in December of 2017. Record high price for ETH was $1431, but that is actually not the highest value it has had against BTC which was 0.144844 BTC for one ETH in June of that year.

We are currently sitting at a $137 U.S. Dollar mark with 0.03539505 BTC price tag on it. As you can see Ethereum ETH price has slid down about 8 times from its peak, but coincidentally it has been on a 40% increase for the past month.

We believe Ethereum will see better days to come and there is no reason to lose faith in the worlds second largest Blockchain network.

Will Ethereum Recover?

As we have just pointed out, Ethereum has made a slight recovery for the past month. While it still has a long way to reach its all-time high, we think that it might even surpass it! Smart-contracts are the biggest selling-point for Ethereum's network.

If people start turning more to smart-contract powered living, then we will definitely see an increase in ETH price because all of the fees paid with it.

Even a good real-life backed ICO project could help revive ETH because as long as it is something that masses start using daily, the price will naturally skyrocket! And no, Ponzi-investment platforms are not going to help.

Ethereum Might Get A Hard Cap

Last year, Ethereum's founder Vitalik Buterin engaged in a discussion and proposal for Ethereum to get a hard cap because of the security concern that without having one, any ERC-20 token could eventually surpass ETH.

If Ethereum ends up getting a hard cap, then that would instantly boost price because of inflated scarcity. Every smart-contract payment would still require ETH, but there would be much less of it available which results in higher demand or price.

Low Price Good Time To Gamble

We actually think that low price is when it's a good time to get your gamble on! And you can actually gamble in more ways than just sports betting, playing dice or your favorite casino games. Buying ETH while the price is low in the hopes of selling it big is as close to a gamble as any other, while a little bit more speculative than your regular penny-stock!

Low ETH price can help you place max bets playing your favorite casino slot machines, and if you happen to get lucky to win big, then once price recovers, you will turn out to be even a bigger winner!

Keep in mind that all of it is merely our opinion and you should not take this as financial advice but rather a different perspective on how you could benefit from ETH's low price today!

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